Retail Interior | Sugar Station Kiosks | Minifie van Schaik Architects

These compact stand alone kiosks render the city in miniature to present a population of back-lit self serve confectionary.
This kiosk, at Westfield's Southland retail centre, is 18m2 in area, consisting of four independently arranged joinery units allowing the shopping centre's circulation space to mix with that of the kiosk. The longest unit is an LED lit wall of acrylic self serve confectionary dispensers which are stacked like a miniature city. The expressed stainless steel kickers conceal drawers used for stock storage.

Each unit has a cavity concealing a sliding door which is extracted for purposes of lock up out of trading hours. The Sugar Station sign displays the “lolly” shaped letters of the logo with thousands of glowing Jelly Bellys on either edge....more

project:Sugar Station Kiosk
client:Sugar Station
location:Westfield, Southland
Shopping Centre
address:Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia