Retail Interior | Jewelery Shop-D Jewelery | Vaillo + Irigaray | Navarra, Spain

Project: D Jewelry
Designer: Irigaray Vaill + Vaill Antonio Daniel, Juan Huarte Irigaray
Project Director: Daniel Galar Irurre
Location: Navarra, Spain
Building Area: 30m2
Project: March 2006
Construction: December 2007
Lighting: Anton Aman - ALS LIGHTING
Prizes: First Prize. Interior FAD'08 ,First Prize. Design Award Chamber of Commerce
Photo: José Manuel Cutillas

It is intended that access to that space and the search for valuable object becomes a magical and exciting journey across the threshold of mysterious jeweler. It's not about buying jewelry ... on one hand access to a ceremony: the ritual of finding a little treasure unknown (there are resonances plays, some treatments of the dome reminiscent of the dark curtains, lighting and set designer ).
Geometry: the box is formed by twin opposing two extruded sections, the upper dark, matte, light and vibrant interior and silver, shiny, heavy and rigid.

The dark is generated by an asymmetric inverted U, which generates a way to vault a section extruded, thus forming the roof and sides (asymmetric): presents a reading of drapery-curtain mysteriously folded.

The other dihedral forms- the floor and furniture behind the counter lateral central, forming an L lying, is generated as a folded surface wear, bright and deep.
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